Alberto Aguilar will fight in Madrid on Sep 24th

Alberto Aguilar was born in Madrid in 1986 .He started to study at the Taurine School in Madrid on October 5th, 1998. His teachers were Carlos Neila, José Luis Bote, Serranito and Joaquín Bernadó. He fought his first calf in Castilforte (Guadalajara) on August 2nd, 1999. That same year he won the Calf Cycle Competition held in Pozuelo del Rey (Madrid).

In 2000 he made his debut in public in El Batán on July 15th with Novillos from Rocío Sebastián Erice. In 2001 he fought dressed in bullfighter costume for the first time in Las Matas (Madrid) against bulls of Víctor Aguirre being rewarded with three ears. That same year he fought a total of 33 calves, with important triumphs in Dax and Bayona,

On January 4th he participated in Vistalegre, with Novillos ofrom Pablo Mayoral and Mercedes Figueroa, being awarded with two ears.

That same season he compited at VI National Contest of Novilladas. He also fought in Las Ventas Bullring on March 2n in a festival for the victims of the Prestige, with Luis Francisco Esplá, Francisco Rivera Ordonez, Manuel Caballero, Julio Aparicio, Uceda Leal.

His debut in a Novillada with Picadores was on July 23, 2003, in Villalba (Madrid) with Javier Solis and Luis Bolívar and Novillos from Angel Luis Peña. He was awarded with three ears. The season ends with eight novilladas.

In2004 season, he fights a total of 20 Novilladas and awarded with 22 ears and one tail,.

In 2005 he completes his best season as a Novillero, acting in 33 Novilladas , participating in the main Ferias . He was awarded with one ear on May 16th in Madrid.

On August 13th 2006 he obtained the standing of Matador de Toros in Miraflores de la Sierra, , with Ivan Vicente as Padrino (Godfather) and El Capea as Testigo (witness ) and was awarded with three ears. The 2009 season was truncated by a serious knee injury, which prevented him from being able to fight for a long time.

In the last years he have improved his skills as a bullfighter very much and we are looking forward to seeing him fighting in Madrid on September 24th.

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