Leo Valdez will fight in Madrid on Sep 27th

On September 27th Leo Valadez, Jesus Colombo and Carlos Ochoa will fight in Madrid against bulls from El Ventorrillo. The public of Madrid is looking forward to seeing Leo Valadez, one of the most interesting Mexican bullfighters today

Leo Valadez was born in 1997 in Aguascalientes, Mexico. He studied at the Aguascalientes School and at the Fundación El Juli, in Arganda. Leo was the first student to get a scholarship from CITAR ( Centro Internacional de Tauromaquia y Alto rendimiento). He fighted for the first time on June 9th 2013 with Francisco Jose Espada and Cristian Climent against bulls from Antonio Lopez Gibaja.

Technically he handles very well l the Muleta with the left hand, uses aristically the cape and , sometimes , plays the roll of a Banderillero.

Leo Valadez has in the great Mexican bullfighters his great references. “I learn watching his videos, especially David Silveti and Manolo Martinez, are my two favorite bullfighters. It’s time for Mexico to have a new great bullfighter and I will fight to be him. “. He dreamed with fighting at the most importat european bull-rings, but he never forgets Mexico: “I am proud to be Mexican and having success at home will make me very happy.”

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