Art Of Bullfighting

The bullfight is neither a fight nor a competition between a man and an animal.

A fight between a 70kg weigh man and a 600 kg bull makes no sense. The animal is physically far superior to a man. But neither is the bullfight a sport in which two opponents compete for victory, like a football game. Defenders of bullfight consider it tan art. The bullfight is an eminently artistic show structured in three acts (Suertes) in which the bullfighter, facing a real danger, using his thecnical skills and following rules established by tradition will end up killing the bull.

Being the bull a living being it is very difficult to use it for artistic purposes. It is a dangerous and unpredicable adversary. The bullfight will have to be brave to face the danger, but also reasonable and know well the art of bullfighting.

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