The “Alternativa”

The bull ghters ght on foot and must belong to the category of “Matador de Toros” acquired in a ceremony called “Alternativa”

The “Alternativa” is a ceremony in which a bull ghter obtains the standing of “Matador de Toros”. In “La suerte de Matar” the veteran bull ghter approaches the novice with the sword and red cape (attached to a stick) in the left hand, and they are revealed at the same time. The veteran then hands over the sword and cape, as the novice turns over the cape to the veteran. Having nished the exchange, the “Padrino“ (the bull ghter that conducts the ceremony) usually congratulates or gives advice to the new swordsman or the protégé and they end by greeting each other. The ceremony is repeated with the second bull, but now the new swordsman is the one to give the

bull ghting effects to the veteran.

The animal ghting in bull ghts must weigh at least 470 kg and be at least four years old.

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