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When bullifghts took place in Plazas, royal civil servants had to clear the people form the plazas before letting out the first bull. But nowadays when a bullfight takes place, in bullrings, clearing out the ring is a mere formality. In remembrance of this tradition today, two ALGUACILES on horsback are dressed in teh old style clothing from the time of Felipe IV. Their job is to go around the ring to make sure that it is devoid of people


Once the Ring has been cleared the Opening Procession ( Paseillo) starts. Precede by the Alguacilillos, the bullfighters and their teams go around the arena to the royal box to greet the president


The president of the bullfight must ensure that the bullfight conforms to current regulations. He conveys his orders to the bullfighters, bullring's staff and the spectators by using different colored kerchiefs to represent the various meanings listed bellow:

White: The president uses it to signal the beginning of the bullfight, to give warings, to announce the realise of the bulls and to award prizes to the bullfighters, i.e. the ear and the bull's tail.

Green: The president uses it to return the bull to the pen due to a physical defect.

yellow: The president uses it to grand pardon to the bull in light of its bravery. The bull is, thus, allowed to roam free again in the countryside from which he came.

Blue: The president uses it to order the dead bull to be pulled around the ring, so it can receive the applause of the spectadors in tribute to the bull's good behavior.