Bullfight Tickets On Sale: Feria de San Isidro. Las Ventas

Feria de San Isidro: Bullfighting Tickets already on sell

La Feria de San Isidro, the the most important bullfighting event in the world, will be held between May 14thand June 16th2019. The best bullfighters like Roca Rey, El Juli, Sebastian Castella, El Cid, Lopez Simón, Antonio Ferrera, Finito de Córdoba, Miguel Angel Perera, are ready to face impressive bulls of the most prestigious livestock (Adolfo Martín, Fuente Ymbro, Alcurrucén, Victorino Martín, Cuadri….

Besides these spanish bullfighters, we are going to have the oportunity to see in action some of the best bullfighters from Mexico like Joselito Adame.

The Feria de San Isidro 2019 consists on Three interesting Novilladas, Four Corridas de Rejones o Rejoneo and twenty seven Corridas de Toros. Among these events there are two special traditional bullfights: The Corrida de la Beneficia, on June 12thand the Corrida de la Prensa , on June 16th.

All these bullfighting events held between May 14thand June 16th  in Las Ventas Bullfighting Ring will start at 7pm. The tickets are  already on sell at www.bullfightticketsmadrid.com

Our shop and office is located in Plaza del Carmen 1 ( central Madrid ) and the nearest Metro stations are Sol, Gran Via and Callao).

The  web-site offers  ticket delivery service.  If your hotel is located in central Madrid, we can deliver the envelope with the tickets to the hotel reception desk on your day of arrival.  Inside the envelope you will find the tickets to attend the event and information about how to get to the Las Ventas bullring, the start time of the bullfight and precise instructions of what to do in case of cancellation of the event due to the wether.

On our web-site you will find a step-by-step guide in english to understanding bullfighting. We recommend that you read it before attending the bullfight  in order to get the most out of this exciting experience.

Our company has been owned and operated by the same expert team of professionals for the past 65 years. Our background and long experience are your guarantee that we understand the expectations of the most demanding clients. Our philosophy has been always been an ongoing search for excellence in our service and our clients’ testimonials are our best reference.

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