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Tickets on-line for the bullfights that are held in Las Ventas Bullring (Madrid) and other Bullrings

Welcome to On this Web-Site you can purchase tickets on-line for the bullfights (Corridas de Toros, Novilladas y Corridas de Rejones) that are held in Las Ventas Bullring of  Madrid  between March and October.  You will be able to  buy Tickets for the “Feria de San Isidro” and “Feria de Otoño”, and  see  the most famous bullfighters  ( El Juli, Enrique Ponce, Roca Rey and Jose María Manzanares, Juan Jose Padilla, Sebastián Castella) and the best  fighting bulls ( Victorino Martin, Miura, Dolores Aguirre, Victoriano del Rio).Tickets may also be purchased for large groulps by emailing to

Our shop and office is located in Plaza del Carmen 1 ( central Madrid ) and the nearest Metro stations are Sol, Gran Via and Callao).

 In addition to this, the  web-site offers  ticket delivery service.  If your hotel is located in central Madrid, we can deliver the envelope with the tickets to the hotel reception desk on your day of arrival.  Inside the envelope you will find the tickets to attend the event and information about how to get to the Las Ventas bullring, the start time of the bullfight and precise instructions of what to do in case of cancellation of the event due to the wether.

On our web-site you will find a step-by-step guide in english to understanding bullfighting. We recommend that you read it before attending the bullfight  in order to get the most out of this exciting experience. 

 Our company has been owned and operated by the same expert team of professionals for the past 65 years. Our background and long experience are your guarantee that we understand the expectations of the most demanding clients. Our philosophy has been always been an ongoing search for excellence in our service and our clients’ testimonials are our best reference.

Remember that our office is open only until 14:00 hours on Sundays and Hollidays
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即将斗牛赛 看所有的斗牛活动
2023年3月26日      18:00 h
Las Ventas (Madrid)
Novillada 不可选择
2023年4月2日      18:00 h
Las Ventas (Madrid)
Corrida de Toros 不可选择
2023年4月9日      18:00 h
Las Ventas (Madrid)
Corrida de Toros 不可选择
2023年4月16日      18:00 h
Las Ventas (Madrid)
Novillada 不可选择
2023年4月23日      18:00 h
Las Ventas (Madrid)
Novillada 不可选择

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